A Message From Dr. Space, Thursday, January 11th, 2018

posted Jan 11, 2018, 3:46 PM by Mary Allen

As the Superintendent of Schools, I want to inform the parents and community about some issues that have emerged over social media and rumor over the past few days.  

          There was information posted and shared on social media suggesting a school shooting would take place at Grants High School.  The same post or one very similar morphed into a change in location, indicating it would be at the Laguna/Acoma High School.  Upon investigation, this post came out of a high school in Farmington and that individual – a student in a Farmington school, was arrested.  However, both school officials and the Grants Police Department immediately investigated and found the threat to be unsubstantiated. 

          Again today, a student reported seeing an individual who they thought was a student with a gun on campus.  A search was conducted, again involving the Grants Police Department.  After investigating, the student making the report admitted it was a fabrication. 

          In addition, students at Laguna/Acoma High School have been spreading rumors regarding a shooting.  We are taking that just as seriously, but at this point, there is no indication that this threat is credible either.  At Laguna/Acoma High School, the Laguna Police Department is likewise investigating.

          At no point were these schools locked down.  Coincidentally, there had been some lockdown drills scheduled at the schools this week and I know of one that did take place.

          Please note that the facts associated with the initial incident at the Grants High School trickled in and were not determined all at once, except that the threat was unsubstantiated.

          First and foremost, it is the goal of law enforcement and school officials to make sure the students that attend Grants/Cibola County Schools are safe.

2016-2017 School Grades

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NMPED School District Report Card 2016-2017

Click on the link below to view
the G/CCS School District Report Card: 

Check here for information on School Holidays and Closures.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Monday, January 15th, 2018

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The District will be closed and
There will be no classes for Students on 
Monday, January 15th, 2018
Martin Luther King Day

Welcome Back

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PSA New Student Enrollment Information

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